Kaylagroup services at a glance

Effective and continuous communication with customers, especially modern and chain stores with regard to daily growth (more)

Taking orders and collecting the receivables services

Kaylagroup's specialized and experienced sales team, covering all modern and chain stores in the country, is ready to accept…. (more)

Sales and distribution services to modern stores

Providing hybrid sales services designed for product owners who need a dedicated sales team (more)

Hybrid sales service

Retail logistics services designed for owners of goods that require 100% focus (more)

Retail logistics services

Because of their warehouses and distributions, the owner's sales team is the best option for selling to modern stores (more)

Modern logistics services

Due to the continuous and daily activities required by the supply chain, it is often possible to see the interested companies (more)

۴PL service

Introduction of Kayla Group Distribution Company
Our History

In 1997, Kayla Jonoob Group Distribution Company started its activity in the realm of food and health distribution in all sales channels with more focus on retail selling. Since 2020, this company, after developing required fleets and infrastructures, has continued its business in the realm of 3PL and logistics services.

Kayla Jonoob Group Distribution Company, as one of the most reputable cross-country distribution companies for food and health products, with twenty-year experience in the distribution industry in Iran, has been able to achieve a remarkable position in the realm of distribution.

Our Goals

Kayla Group values:

– Occupational health, honesty and integrity

– Commitment and responsibility

– Passion and sense of responsibility

– Positive impact on society

– Identification, growth and flourish of capabilities

-Sense of ownership and talent development

Our Vision

Selected business partner of suppliers to sell and distribute their products, and selected employer of Iran’s top workforce in terms of capabilities growth and florescence


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