Hybrid sales service

Providing hybrid sales services has been designed for product owners who need a dedicated sales team for their products. In hybrid sales, Kayla Group creates a dedicated sales line for the product owner. On the other hand, the product owner is responsible for managing the team and selling policies. Also, warehousing and distribution are accomplished by Kayla Group Company.

Our infrastructure supports hybrid sales in an optimum way:

– Our successful experiences in hybrid contracts with Multinational companies are exemplary.

– ۱۳ warehouses with more than 25,000 square meters substructure considering food industry standards, equipped with a cold chain, are ready to store a variety of goods.

– Intercity transportation fleet that regularly transfers goods among warehouses at short intervals.

– More than 90 distribution trucks, equipped with cold chains, distribute to 80,000 retail customers in 269 cities of the country on a regular schedule.

-۲۶۰ trained staffs, including distributors, drivers, warehousemen, logistics managers of branches, and experts and managers of logistics services and supply chain, are ready to provide services to the owners of goods. The performance indicators of this team are assessed based on the logistics services quality.

– The human resources team manages more than 500 employees nationwide.

– Development and implementation of guidelines and procedures, based on 20 years of capillary distribution experience, has carried out efficiency and permanency to logistics processes and service quality.

– Analytical reports and management dashboards help the owner of the product and us in the path of continuous improvement.

In hybrid sales contracts, the following services are provided to the owners of the goods:

– Kayla Group’s goal is to purchase goods (Sell-in) from suppliers.

– Kayla Group Company takes the responsibility of managing human resources.

– The owner of the product is responsible for sales policy and technical management of the sales team.

– Kayla Group Company takes the responsibility of customer accreditation and bad debt risks.

– Kayla Group Company distributes sales orders in the form of a specific schedule and routing within two working days.