Sales and distribution services to modern stores

Kayla Group’s specialized and experienced sales team is ready to accept food, health, and cellulose products by covering all modern and chain stores in the country. This team, utilizing the power of the current sales basket and effective communication with decision-makers, has a high ability to bring goods to modern stores and chains. We are expert in modern sales:

– Kayla Group’s goods basket, with the help of the highly capable experienced modern line sellers, is available on the shelves of more than 12345 stores.

– All modern stores, such as Hyper Star, Hyper May, Ofogh Kourosh, Janbo, Shahrvand, Refah, Etka, Sepah, and Hyper Sun, are our loyal customers.

– Through using expertise and effective communication with the managers of the chain stores, modern line managers of Kayla Group have a high capability in concluding win-win contracts with these stores.

-Periodic training, in addition to increasing sales ability, updates the sellers’ knowledge about the products.

– Sales development team, dominating the target markets, does market research for suppliers and accompanies them in devising Trade Marketing and Consumer Marketing schemes.

– Business Intelligence (BI) software has enabled us to analyze up-to-date sales data from various points. Accordingly, sales management can make and implement data-driven decisions in the proper time.

– Up-to-date and substantial logistics infrastructure, which makes us specialized in providing logistics services to other companies, is strong backing in accomplishing sales activities.